Mole & Spot Removal

Moles are common skin growths that can appear anywhere on the body.

They vary in size, shape, and colour, and though often benign, can affect our comfort, appearance, and even self-esteem. For these reasons and more, many patients decide to have moles removed.

At Skin Science Dermatology, we offer a range of options for safe mole removal, including shave and surgical excision performed by Dr. Geeta Yadav, a highly skilled, board certified dermatologist with extensive training and experience.

How Mole Removal Works

When it comes to mole removal, the first step will always be a thorough assessment performed by Dr. Yadav, including biopsy when necessary. Once it has been established that the moles in question are benign, we will determine whether shave excision or surgical excision is the ideal course of treatment. Shave excision involves the use of a thin tool to carefully slice away the mole. The procedure is simple, and does not require any stitches. With surgical excision, the entire mole including the root is cut out using a scalpel, after which the incision is closed with stitches. Surgical excision carries the least likely chance of regrowth, but unlike shave excision, often results in a mole removal scar.

What does mole removal treat?

Is mole removal safe?

When performed by an experienced board-certified dermatologist, mole removal is an extremely straightforward and safe outpatient procedure. A local anesthetic is administered prior to the procedure, and you should not feel any pain at all. As with any surgical procedure, a mole removal scar may occur. Skin Science Dermatology offers cosmetic treatments to help reduce the appearance of scarring.

How many mole removal treatments are needed?

The goal of this treatment is to completely remove unwanted moles, or to reduce the mole as much as possible while minimizing the mole removal scar. Typically, mole removal can be achieved in a single procedure.

Is mole removal right for you?

Mole removal is an effective solution for men and women looking to remove unwanted moles anywhere on the body.
Benefits of Mole Removal
  • Quick & easy treatments
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Safe & effective
  • Little to no downtime

Recovery & Results

How long does it take to see results from mole removal?

The results of your mole removal will be immediate.

How long is the downtime after mole removal?

Recovery time differs depending on the treatment used, and will also vary depending on the location, size and depth of the mole. In general, healing from mole removal can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. As the area heals, you may feel some pain, soreness, or itching which should subside as healing progresses. We recommend you keep the treated area dry on the day of treatment, after which you can keep the area clean with soap and water; pat to dry. If you’re using a bandage, change it daily and apply Polysporin ointment or Vaseline for one to two weeks. If you have stitches, avoid taking a bath or swimming for four days; showers are fine. Once healed, apply sunscreen to the area daily.

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