Respected as one of the most effective and versatile resurfacing laser treatments, Fraxel® re:store DUAL works to safely reverse the visible signs of aging and correct skin damage.

Using a patented fractionated technology, Fraxel is an effective solution for age spots and sun damage, as well as textural concerns including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

At Skin Science Dermatology in Toronto, our qualified medical aesthetician can perform Fraxel treatments to enhance the health and beauty of skin on the face, neck, chest, hands and beyond non-surgically and without extended downtime.

How Fraxel® Works

Fraxel® re:store DUAL targets aging and sun damaged skin using microscopic laser columns that penetrate deeply to initiate collagen remodeling and synthesis. Essentially, Fraxel resurfaces your skin by stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells from the inside out. Treating only a fraction of the skin at a time, Fraxel leaves surrounding tissues completely unharmed to expedite healing and maximize safety. In the days following treatment, damaged skin cells rise and slough away to reveal a more even skin tone and improved skin texture.

What does Fraxel treat?

Is Fraxel safe?

Fraxel laser is extremely well-recognized, and extremely safe when performed by a highly trained and experienced practitioner. Most patients at Skin Science Dermatology describe an increased sensation of heat during the treatment. To minimize discomfort, topical anesthesia is applied before the procedure, and integrated cooling is used throughout.

How many Fraxel treatments are needed?

Results may be noticeable after just one Fraxel laser treatment, though a series of treatments may be recommended for optimal results, depending on the condition and area being treated. Over time, as underlying and newly-accrued sun damage emerges, repeat treatments may be recommended to maintain your new baseline.

Is Fraxel right for you?

Fraxel is an effective solution for men and women who want to look younger without dramatic changes or extended downtime. If you’re looking to soften wrinkles and fine lines, smooth scars, improve skin tone and texture, even pigmentation and sun damage, and improve your skin’s overall health, you may be a good candidate for Fraxel laser treatments. The treatment cannot be performed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Benefits of Fraxel®
  • No surgery or injections required
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Safe & effective
  • Long-lasting results

Recovery & Results

How long does it take to see results from Fraxel?

Results of Fraxel laser treatments are immediate and progressive. Optimal improvements are usually visible within two to three months following treatment, as new collagen is produced.

How long is the downtime after Fraxel?

Following treatment, most patients feel as though their skin is sunburnt, which usually diminishes in one to three hours. Total recovery time will vary based on your treatment plan, but you can expect at least three to five days of bronzing and sloughing. For more assertive treatments, or when treating areas such as your hands and chest, it may take 10 to 14 days to recover. We recommend wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, and avoiding direct sun exposure for at least three months.

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