Acne and the resulting scars can negatively impact self-esteem and emotional well-being.

What is Acne?

Acne is a common, inflammatory skin condition characterized by blockage and inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Most people experience acne at some point in their lives, and it’s important to know that the condition is not caused by poor diet or hygiene habits. Known causes include bacterial overgrowth, hormonal changes, oils in the skin, follicular plugging, certain medications, genetics, and more. Acne can be very minor, with periodic blemishes, or quite severe, with inflamed, painful papules and nodules. For some, acne and the resulting scars can negatively impact self-esteem and emotional well-being.


Symptoms of Acne

Acne is most common among teenagers and those with oily skin types, but can also affect adults of all ages. 

The condition presents as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, papules (small red, tender bumps), and nodules (large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin). Cystic acne is characterized by painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin. These spots and blemishes appear most commonly on the face, chest, upper back and shoulders.

Acne treatment options at Skin Science Dermatology can help to prevent the condition, as well as manage active blemishes and minimize the possibility of scarring. Dr. Geeta Yadav, a highly skilled dermatologist, will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that includes treatment, skincare and scar management.

Acne Treatment Options


Your treatment plan may include topical and/or oral medication. Topical options include benzoyl peroxide, topical retinoids, and clindamycin, while oral options include OCP, spironolactone, oral isotretinoin (Accutane), and antibiotics.


BroadBand Light uses short blasts of high-intensity light to gently heat the upper layers of your skin to treat sun damage, vascular issues, pigment irregularities, and acne. Your treatment plan may include the use of Levulan or Metvix; medications that are applied to the skin prior to your treatment to aid in targeting abnormal cells. Learn More

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